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“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
A medical professional holds a patient's hand to represent AAS's Core Values Awards for quarter 1 in 2022.


A positive attitude.

Solution seeker.

Willing to go above and beyond.


Continuously striving for perfection.

Our dedication to living by these core values makes Ambulatory Anesthesia Solutions what it is: An anesthesia partner that can support and elevate Michigan’s ambulatory surgery centers — one that they can be proud to call a part of their teams.

We are all driven by these standards, and we are proud to recognize our team members for their dedication to them. This quarter, we acknowledge Dr. John Kivela, Janey Bach, and Dr. Aurelia Jamerson. Take a look at what they have done and continue to do for AAS and its partnering surgery centers.


Dr. John Kivela, anesthesiologist with Ambulatory Anesthesia Solutions of Michigan

Dr. John Kivela

January’s AAS Core Values Award Recipient: Dr. John Kivela

We recognize Dr. Kivela as a Solution Seeker for the many solutions he provides globally for AAS, and specifically for his assistance at Grass Lake Surgery Center in Grass Lake, Michigan. Dr. Kivela has been instrumental in establishing protocols for Spine and Total Joints, establishing boarding protocols, and most recently optimizing staffing ratios.


Janey Bach, CRNA with Ambulatory Anesthesia Solutions of Michigan

Janey Bach

February’s AAS Core Values Award Recipient: Janey Bach

We recognize Janey Bach for her Willingness To Go Above and Beyond. Janey has been instrumental in organizing Summit Surgery Center, and she helps ASCs beyond her duties as a CRNA every day. Janey also has been recognized for her Positive Attitude, which energizes and comforts those around her.


Dr. Aurelia Jamerson, anesthesiologist with Ambulatory Anesthesia Solutions of Michigan

Dr. Aurelia Jamerson

March’s AAS Core Values Award Recipient: Dr. Aurelia Jamerson

We recognize Dr. Jamerson for her Willingness To Go Above and Beyond and her Positive Attitude. Dr. Jamerson is an extremely hardworking anesthesiologist whose dedication knows no bounds. She is frequently seen wiping down carts, assisting patients into the center, and much more in addition to performing her duties as an anesthesiologist. Dr. Jamerson goes above and beyond with a Positive Attitude toward her job and the profession of anesthesia.


(To learn more about our team or to partner with us, send us a message through our website, send an email to, or call our Ambulatory Anesthesia Solutions main office, located in Novi, Michigan.)