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“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

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As the anesthesia market is evolving, AAS is transforming ambulatory surgical center anesthesia teams by properly setting benchmarks and inspiring the way they establish new practices and implement new standards. 

AAS focuses on the surgeon-centric model of care and supplements it with innovative, custom-tailored, patient-centered care standards. Our team is committed to developing the most forward-thinking ASC anesthesia and patient experiences through continuous improvement initiatives and by regularly evaluating anesthesia management protocol, assessing anesthesia best practices, and monitoring operating room performance and operating room improvement.

We offer comprehensive solutions to help you minimize even your greatest challenges — from organizing financial records to improving patient satisfaction scores. Our anesthesia management assistance can help you see things clearly in order to work more efficiently for the benefit of your staff, your patients, your ASC’s reputation, and your bottom line.

When you partner with Ambulatory Anesthesia Solutions for management optimization, we will quickly pinpoint areas of vulnerability, bottlenecks, and challenging circumstances. From there, we will identify industry best practices and create individualized solutions to optimize efficiency and enhance personalized care practices within the ASCs we serve.

Our team encourages and advances efficiency by fully understanding key performance indicators and internal benchmarking. We also provide real-time engagement in every center to financially leverage ASCs and AAS for long-term growth.

Our Anesthesia Management Principles

AAS will focus on providing the best in patient care, efficiency, cost-saving strategies, and customer service to both the center and the surgeons. We will work with each ASC administrator to assess the challenges and then develop a tailored solution to optimize processes.

As a comprehensive solutions partner, we have the same goals that you do: creating a cost-efficient and fluid environment while facilitating exceptional outpatient surgical practices to help patients overcome their challenges. Through it all, we know you put your patients first . . . and so do we.

Operational Guidance

Sometimes having an outside perspective can help you see things more clearly. Our insightful recommendations can help your ASC minimize unnecessary costs, streamline invoicing processes, and optimize organizational processes.

Financial Records & Billing

Our ambulatory surgery center management specialists can help you organize, modernize, and simplify financial recordkeeping, invoicing, and purchasing processes.

Team Building

Boosting employee morale, encouraging continuing education, and utilizing team building exercises are essential in creating a cooperative, well-structured, confident, fair workplace. We can help you identify resources that will make a difference for each team member as well as your ASC as a whole.

Future Planning

AAS is a leader in new service-line development and advancement. We can help make plans to achieve your future goals. As your partners, you can count on us today, tomorrow, and years from now.

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Are you an anesthesia provider looking for an outstanding company to work with? Do you represent an ASC looking for an anesthesia group to complement your team? Either way, contact us to meet your match.

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